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Welcome to Style Of Life – where you’ll find stunning accents and accessories for your home, including Lampe Berger lamps and fragrances, Parfum Berger home fragrancing, Bougies La Francaise / Point A La Ligne candles. Our selection has been carefully assembled to offer you products of quality. Our policy, as a family business, has always been that if we wouldn't own a product personally, then we will not sell it.  We are leading lampe Berger oil retailers.

Lampe Berger, our primary line was originally designed in 1898 for hospital use by Maurice Berger, his background as a pharmacy dispenser helped him to address a need for more hygienic environments and reduced airborne contaminants. His ingenuity resulted in the original low-temperature burner, and this design has changed little in the Lampe Berger lamps you see today. Unlike oil lamps, Lampe Berger lamps have the flame extinguished once they reach their operating temperature, meaning a wide range of more subtle fragrances can be used as they are also not consumed by the flame as they would be in many scented candles.

The air purification qualities of Lampe Berger lamps are well known, and this reputation for exceptional performance makes Lampe Berger products the first choice in homes around the world. Browse our collection and you’ll quickly realise that these lamps offer far more than air purification – with many inspired by some of the world’s most talented designers and created to the highest standards using a diverse range of materials. From organic and fluid designs to contemporary and geometric patterns, our fragrance lamps become a feature piece on any table, mantel or bedside table.

With over thirty years of experience behind us, Style Of Life has become one of the leading names for Lampe Berger oil, accessories and of course, the lamps themselves – and we’re committed to keeping our prices as competitive as possible so you can enjoy the many fragrances available as often as you like.

Browse our collection and you can order online now. As recognised Lampe Berger stockists we ship to the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands too, with very competitive delivery charges.


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