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  1. Sandalwood is one of the most recognised fragrances in the world and certainly one of the most requested by our customers. This blend is woody, creamy, velvety powdery and warm - whilst sensual. It is wonderful.

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  2. 2018 Trio Pack of Christmas fragrance selection - £15.50
    NEW Exquisite Sparkle, Soft Cashmere & Enchanted Velour - saving £5.50 !

    3 x 180ml fragrances:

    Exquisite Sparkle A beautiful Limited Edition fragrance with champagne as it's inspiration. It has grapefruit as it's top note, with rose, lily of the valley, patchouli and blackberry in the middle, then violet, musk and champagne at it's base.

    Soft Cashmere A warm and woody fragrance with bergamot as it's top note, rose, jasmine, cyclamen and ylang in the middle and sandalwood, cedar and cashmere wood at it's base.

    Enchanted Velours A smooth and luxurious fragrance with Iris, pink berries and rose champagne as it's top notes, purple rose, violet, jasmine and raspberry in the middle and patchouli, vanilla and amber velvet at it's base.


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  3. Limited Edition Special fragrance for the Uk 

    Pumpkin Delight 500ml Fragrance for Lampes

    A delicious scent, an olfactory delicacy, where mandarin mixes with the full-bodied flavour of cinnamon and spices. Its wake is warm and sweet and reveals all the facets of the pumpkin. Vanilla and the amber touch prolong this delicious and traditional feeling.

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  4. Limited Ediiton Special fragrance for the Uk 

    By the Fireside 500ml Fragrance for Lampes

    A limited edition fragrance that conveys all the soothing and warm evocations of a fireside evening. A sweet and friendly scent that subtly combines the scent of caramelised marshmallow with the warmth of a smoky cedar burst crackling in the hearth of the fireplace. An evocative and comforting atmosphere of an evening by the fire.

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  5. Exquisite Sparkle Fragrance for Lampes

    A celebratory fragrance with base notes of musk to represent champagne and violet - middle notes of rose, lily of the valley, patchouli and blackberry - a top note of grapefruit.

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  6. Velvety Suede an almost sensual touch of suede. With spices and saffro, softened by a slightly iris-scented floral bouquet.


     Douceur Suédée

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  7. Cedar and Sandalwood - untreated woods, denoting masculinity and oppulence.


    Bois Sauvage.


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  8. Precious Rosewood - the perfect Oriental woody fragrance! Will certainly appeal to lovers of Winterwood, Virginia Cedarwood and Enchanting Sandalwood, we are already addicted.


    Précieux Palissandre

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  9. Argan's Silk is a spicy yet powdery fragrance that will probably appeal to fans of Amber Powder.


    Soie d’Argan

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  10. A beautiful new Limited Edition fragrance that has a 'festive' name but is a perfect oriental fragrance for all year round.

    A very subtle spicy fruity fragrance not overpoweringly cinnamon.

    At its head - citrus, cinnamon and clove. A floral middle - with a base of tonka bean, patchouli and vanilla.


    Cannelle de Noël

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