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180ml Fragrance

LAMPE BERGER Home Fragrances are available in three sizes:

Approximate burning and fragrance time:

180ml (limited range): 7 hours of use for 20 hours of fragrance

500 ml: 20 hours of use for approximately 80 hours of fragrance. -

1Litre: 40 hours of use for approximately 160 hours of fragrance.

Various factors determine how quickly you burn the fragrance. Economic Burning - never leave the flame for more that the 2-3 minutes. Always replace the stopper cap when not in use to prevent fragrance evaporating. Change burner approximately - every 6-12 months dependent on how many times used. Periodically 'clean' the burner using the Neutral fragrance in your lamp for approximately a half hour of burning. This removed any debris that may be clogging up the burner.

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