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180ml Fragrance

LAMPE BERGER Home Fragrances are available in three sizes:

Approximate burning and fragrance time:

180ml (limited range): 7 hours of use for 20 hours of fragrance

500 ml: 20 hours of use for approximately 80 hours of fragrance. -

1Litre: 40 hours of use for approximately 160 hours of fragrance.

Various factors determine how quickly you burn the fragrance. Economic Burning - never leave the flame for more that the 2-3 minutes. Always replace the stopper cap when not in use to prevent fragrance evaporating. Change burner approximately - every 6-12 months dependent on how many times used. Periodically 'clean' the burner using the Neutral fragrance in your lamp for approximately a half hour of burning. This removed any debris that may be clogging up the burner.

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  1. E-Vouchers are available in values from £10 to £500.

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    If you do not wish to have the voucher personalised - the standard design will be the gold ribbon voucher shown here.

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  2. So Neutral can be used as it is to purify the air without fragrance.

    It can also be used to dilute any fragrance that you may feel is too strong for a particular area, possibly a small room.

    So Neutral as a maintenance item to give a longer life to the wick/burner.

    There can be a build-up of fragrance residue - which can be 'cleaned off'. To do this you need to use the Neutral fragrance. Empty out any existing fragrance in the lamp - back into your fragrance bottle. Put a small amount of Neutral into your lamp - no more than 1/3 full is required. Replace the burner and leave for 20 minutes - with the snuffer cap in place. Light the lamp and after blowing out the flame - leave the lamp to work for approx a half hour. This is enough to clean the burner. You may continue using the Neutral or - pour the remaining fuel back into it's original container. Continue with your favourite fragrance as usual.

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  3. 2018 Trio Pack of Christmas fragrance selection - £15.50
    NEW Exquisite Sparkle, Soft Cashmere & Enchanted Velour - saving £5.50 !

    3 x 180ml fragrances:

    Exquisite Sparkle A beautiful Limited Edition fragrance with champagne as it's inspiration. It has grapefruit as it's top note, with rose, lily of the valley, patchouli and blackberry in the middle, then violet, musk and champagne at it's base.

    Soft Cashmere A warm and woody fragrance with bergamot as it's top note, rose, jasmine, cyclamen and ylang in the middle and sandalwood, cedar and cashmere wood at it's base.

    Enchanted Velours A smooth and luxurious fragrance with Iris, pink berries and rose champagne as it's top notes, purple rose, violet, jasmine and raspberry in the middle and patchouli, vanilla and amber velvet at it's base.


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  4. 2019 Trio Pack 'Immersion' - £15.50

    NEW Pure White Tea, Lychee Paradise & Fresh Eucalyptus - saving £5.50 !

    3 x 180ml fragrances:

    Pure White Tea: The top notes of bergamot and blackcurrant are simple and discreet. The heart is pure with the whiteness of its tea, immaculate like a delicate bouquet of lily-of-the-valley, rose and jasmine. Then a veil of white musk settles lightly, tinted with touches of cedar. 

    Lychee Paradise:  The delicate fragrance of lychee, a small, mellow and juicy fruit whose wateriness is added to with a few marine notes. Lastly, for even more luxuriance, the enveloping scents of coconut tinted with peach.

    Fresh Eucalyptus: The character of the Fresh Eucalyptus Home Fragrance is clearly stated. It all begins with green notes and frosted citrus notes. Freshness is asserted in an invigorating eucalyptus and mint bouquet, which is powerfully aromatic. Then, oceanic notes lend a boost to this aquatic ode, before resting on an amber and woody base of moss and cedar.


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  5. 2019 Trio Pack 'Aroma' - £15.50

    Aroma Relax, Aroma Energy & Aroma Happy - saving £5.50 !

    3 x 180ml fragrances:

    Aroma RelaxThis Relax Oriental Comfort fragrance is a promise of absolute relaxation. Everything is focused on well-being. From the first notes, amber and powdery musk announce the scented delights of the Orient. The elegantly floral and tender fruity heart is mild and sensual. The well-rounded base of sandalwood and amber is warm and slightly creamy. In this olfactory harmony, a trio of carefully-selected essential oils can flourish: patchouli, guaiac wood and geranium deploy their anti-stress and anti-depressant qualities. The Aroma home fragrance collection is the perfect demonstration of French excellence, of the skill and know-how of the Master Perfumers selected by Maison Berger Paris. It unfailingly meets demands of quality, and an obligation for safe, purified, healthy and deliciously scented air. Perfume secretWith this Relax Oriental Comfort range, not one, but three essential oils are utilised in search of maximum well-being. Maison Berger Paris has selected patchouli, for its neurotonic and balancing properties; geranium, for its relaxing and soothing power; and guaiac wood, also known as “wood of life”, for its invigorating properties. It's a full programme! 

    Aroma Energy:  The top and heart soar with citrus notes, a bouquet of roses, and a few velvety fruits, all on a reassuring base of musk. The Aroma Energy Sparkling Zest Home Fragrance is a modern and joyful fragrance where the intensity is further reinforced by the presence of essential oil of grapefruit which has positive virtues with invigorating and refreshing accents. Anxiety fades away... the exploration of essential oils and aromachology demonstrate the perfect command of the Master Perfumers selected by Maison Berger Paris. They meet demands of quality, an obligation for safe, purified, healthy and deliciously scented air: French excellence at its very best. Perfume secret Essential oils of citrus fruits have many major benefits. Grapefruit is no exception to the rule. Known for its balancing and comforting virtues and its ultra-invigorating impact, it adds exceptional vitality to this Energy version of the Aroma collection.

    Aroma Happy: A regenerating vibe and a liberating oil... A feeling of lightness, something close to happiness!  In this Happy Aquatic Freshness version is the essence of well-being. Essential oil of eugenol releases its uplifting and invigorating virtues, while the olfactory composition gives off the scent of crisp green apple and the watery flavours of a summer melon. The heart is dominated by monoi and the sunny accents of a floral bouquet exalted by frangipani flowers, which settle on the rounded softness of an amber base and the sweet trio of amber, musk and peach. This collection of Maison Berger Paris home fragrances is also the fruit of French excellence, that of the Master Perfumers of Grasse and their know-how: the guarantee of quality, of perfectly safe, purified, healthy and deliciously scented air by Maison Berger Paris explores the aromachological virtues of essential oils and the influence of their odour on our psyche. In this Happy version, eugenol has pride of place. Clove, known for its invigorating properties, its tendency to liberate energies and its revitalising power, plays the good mood ingredient of this home fragrance!

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