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  1. An original shape, between modernity and elegance. A glass lamp, geometric in design, dressed with ultra glossy opaque lacquer. The lacquering, shaded downwards from the top, reveals the base of the lamp, highlighting the beautiful thickness of its glass.

    Available in 3 colours : white, red and black.





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  2. E-Vouchers are available in values from £10 to £500.

    Bespoke design personalised E-Gift Vouchers.

    We theme the voucher, if you wish at no extra charge. Christmas / Birthday / Wedding or Anniversary - whatever occasion you like.

    On receipt of your order - we will email you for full details of the recipient - the date you require the voucher to be sent and any special requirements you may have.

    We want to make this gift choice as personal as possible for you and the recipient so do take advantage of the personalised theme option!

    If you do not wish to have the voucher personalised - the standard design will be the gold ribbon voucher shown here.

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    Price From: £10.00
  3. Minimalist and delicate shape with a graduating laquer in burgundy, with a satin finish to the glass, and a shiny silver top.

    Complete with 180ml of  Delicate Osmanthus Fragrance with this Set





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  4. Zeline in bugundy / pink lacquer on a transluscent glass body, the colour graduationg from the top to the bottom, insptired by the 'tie-dye' method. Tulip polished silver top.

    By David Boulange



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  5. A stunning red variation of the Originelle Lampe Berger, the iconic design paying homage to the design of the very first Lampes Berger.

    Diamond cut glass with an aged bronzer, criss-cross design shade.




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