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Collect & Spend Details

Our Loyalty Scheme - named 'Loyalty Rewards'

Style Of Life Loyalty Rewards


Loyalty Rewards are awarded as follows – full details below:

New Customers – Create an account - Points Awarded  50     

Existing Customers – Sign in for the first time since November 2013  - Points Awarded  50

Recommend a Friend - Points Awarded  50

Sign Up To Our Newsletter - Points Awarded  50

Product Reviews - Points Awarded  25

For every £1 spend - Points Awarded  1

(Excludes delivery charges where applicable)

Collect Points even on SALE or promoted products.

Bonus Points awarded on various products and services.

Additional promotions of Double Points.

Customers will be notified of both of these promotions by Newsletter email.


The detail.................

New Customers.

We will give you 50 ‘Registration Points’ when you register.

Newsletter Subscribers.

We will award 50 points for signing up to our Newsletter, if have already subscribed to our Newsletters go to the bottom of this Newsletter and follow the link and update your details – you will then get 50 points.

Review A Product.

Review any product on our website, which you have purchased from us and we will give you 25 points for each review approved.

Shopping Points.

We are awarding 1 point for every £1 (and parts thereof) spent.

Bonus Points.

We will award bonus points on various products and services throughout the year.

Keep an eye out for our Newsletters that will let you know when this is to happen.

Points Promotions.

Additional promotions of Double Points will be awarding during Promotional Periods. You will be notified of these promotions by Newsletter email.



100 Points have a value of £2

If using a discount code your Reward Points cannot be used at the same time. Dont worry - they will still be there accumulating, ready to use on a future order.

Go to ‘My Account’ at the top of every page - to see full details of your points. Click on Reward Points in the left hand menu.


‘Points added’ details of awarded points.

‘Points Used’ details your points spent.

‘Obtention date’ is the date that the points can be used (24 hours after being awarded).

Your points can be spent in multiples of 25, just use the slider to specify how many of your points you wish to use.

You will need a minimum balance of 50 points to spend your points.

Points awarded for an order cannot be used against that same order or on the same day. Points are obtainable 24 hours after being awarded.

Updated 26.11.15

If you have any questions - please email us here.