We are pleased to say that all deliveries made this year are with our customers. Once again we have had a great year - supplying hundreds of our regular customers with their Lampe Berger, Point a la Ligne and latest addition to our range - Bougies la Francaise.

Not one of those hundreds of consignments have gone missing or been damaged.

Not one error has been made during picking and packing.

Not one of the 1000's of bottles of fragrance has leaked & not one lamp has arrived damaged. In fact no damages at all - even the delicate candles...

All of this is attributed to the care and time taken to package the items well, the extra money spent on using high quality packaging materials and a reputable courier - Parcelforce.

We would like to thank all of our couriers and our Post Office Counters staff – all of which are a great asset in processing our customer’s orders.

Of course as it is Christmas Eve we would also like to thank our customers – many of whom we have had the privilege of serving and becoming friends with over many years. We wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas, a prosperous and healthy New Year. As our customers from the USA say – Happy Holidays!