Lampe Berger encapsulates style and elegance while serving a useful function too. Follow our tips for proper use and careful maintenance and you’ll always get the most from your Lampe Berger fragrance lamp.

Lighting your new lamp

We want to ensure you get the best experience from the first use so here’s exactly what you need to do:

When your new lamp arrives fill it at least 1/3 full of fragrance liquid but never more 2/3 full- this is the optimum amount of liquid for the wick to absorb enough of the fragrance but not so much that the burner becomes flooded. You must use a Lampe Berger fragrance as these are specially formulated to work with the lamp. Never use oil or another fragrance liquid, Lampe Berger liquids are alcohol based.

Fit the burner/wick and light for 2-3 minutes. New burner/wicks need to be set up correctly and lit for a slightly longer than normal time. This will initiate the new wick.

Proper daily use

Unless the wick is new you should only need to keep the flame burning for around 2 minutes. This means that burning the wick for longer has no benefits at all and in fact can damage the burner.

Cleaning your lamp

Over time the lamp will collect a variety of residues that need to be cleaned off. If you don’t carry out routine maintenance you may start to see problems with the lamp e.g. the burner smoking when you blow it out or the lamp goes out before it’s had time to warm up.

For cleaning purposes you should keep a stock of neutral fragrance. Any scent can build up over time and cause the burner not to work as well as it should. By using neutral fragrance you can clean off the build up of other scents. Simply use it as you would any other scent, leaving it to diffuse for 30 minutes and then pour the liquid back into its container.

Ensure efficient use

There are a number of ways to make sure you’re using your lamp efficiently and minimising the amount of unnecessary expense.

The first is to keep hold of the cap for the burner. It’s easy to misplace or discard the cap if you don’t know how important it is. It’s actually vital in preventing loss of the fragrance. A Lampe Berger lamp only needs around 20 minutes to scent the average room.

You should continue to leave the cap on the lamp until it’s ready for use again. Indeed, forgetting to replace the cap can cause the burner to clog with fragrance as it evaporates continuously.

Old wicks burn more fragrance than new ones so if you’re avoiding replacing your burner/wick this is actually a false economy. By using a new burner/wick every 6-12 months (depending on usage) you’ll save your fragrance liquid.

Changing your fragrance

It’s really easy to change the fragrance in your lamp you don’t even need to wait until the old liquid has burnt away. When you fancy a change in smell simply detach the burner/wick and pour the remaining fragrance back in to its bottle.

Squeeze the wick but do not wash it. You can now do one of two things: either put your new fragrance in, filling it to the required level or you can use a neutral fragrance, cleaning away the old scent more thoroughly before you introduce a new smell.