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Stick Scented Bouquet

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Scented Bouquets using hightly engineered Polymer Sticks.

Ready filled, various volume capacity - see detail on each item.

The Parfum Berger products do not cross over for use in Lampe Berger lamps.


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  1. Replacement or spare Parfum Berger polymer sticks to be used with ALL Scented Bouquet.

    Pack of 8

    Also use when changing between fragrances - therefore one set of sticks per fragrance choice.
    Guaranteed not to discolour your fragrance.

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  2. The Parfum Berger Limited Edition Duo Mini sets of 2 are ready filled with Orange Cinnamon fragrance.

    Just one of the ways to diffuse Parfum Berger Scented Bouquet Fragrance. A glass receptacle, the silver deep ring at the neck is decorative in addition to having a high quality seal. Supplied with 6 highly engineered Polymer sticks of 21cm in length.

    Refill by using Parfum Berger refills - sold separately.

    Replace the Polymer sticks by using Parfum Berger replacement sticks - sold separately.

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